CONTENT WARNING: death, explicit language

an immersive camping experience


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I also had this issue of a shooting star crashing into my gameboy. Lovely game =)


I had the same code crash after the shooting star and the question of what if they landed. I figured that burning piece of rock decided to terminate the experience. (I will screenshot you the bug though) An otherwise great camping conversation, almost made me feel I had one this year, thx fran!

love the distinct character voices! also just the size of the viewport is really neat? having it so small made the contents of the game feel especially charming & intimate imo

... but the visuals felt very consistent and fitting with the theme, and the dialogue / characters felt very plausible, almost as if drawn from real-life experiences,

bug report: code crash when I selected an option... I forget what it was... but it was a bit after the shooting star convo